How to Take a Demonstration Test (Teachers)

You can create a "demonstration" student account in order to take a test yourself to see what your students will experience when they test. Follow the below steps to create a demonstration account.

Click your name and then My Class

Click Add Student

Enter demonstration account information and click OK

Be sure to use "Demonstration" and "Student" as the first and last name for the new account, to make clear to others accessing school data this is not a real student account.

Sign out of your account

Sign into the Track My Progress test as your demonstration student

Go to to sign in. The account number will be the same number you use to sign into your account. The username and password will be what you entered when you added the demonstration student. The test data will be available as soon as the test is complete. After you are finished with the demonstration account, you can unassign it from your class so you do not see the demonstration data in your class reports. Follow the steps in this article to unassign the account from your class.

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