Leaving Feedback for a Test Question (Teachers)

Track My Progress provides the opportunity for you to leave feedback on test questions your students have encountered. This feedback is sent directly to the content editor for the respective Track My Progress test and is used to refine test questions, develop new test questions, and to determine when a test question needs to be removed from the test.

In order to provide feedback on a test question follow these steps:

Select the test subject Math or Reading 
and then the name of the student

Select the vertical bar that represents the relevant test event

From the list of test questions select the one for which you would like to provide feedback

At the top left of the screen select 'Improve this question'

Complete the pop-up window with your feedback or comments

If possible please provide an example of a better way to assess the standard or how you would revise the existing test question to improve it

Click submit

Your feedback will be sent directly to the Track My Progress content editor for the appropriate test. Your email address and account number will be included in case we need to follow up with a clarifying question.

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