Getting Started with a Class Administrator Account (Teachers)

Teachers use Track My Progress class administrator accounts to manage the assessment process for their students and to view student data. Follow these steps to get started using your Track My Progress Class Administrator account.

Set your Track My Progress password

You will receive an email with information about setting the password and signing in to your account. If you have not received this email please contact your school administrator who is implementing Track My Progress, or check your spam folder for an email from Track My Progress. You can also contact Track My Progress support by emailing

Sign in to your account

Please refer to this support article for assistance on signing in to your account.

Coordinate with your administrator who will enter student roster information

If you are responsible for entering the student information, please refer to this help article for information about creating student accounts.  

Take a demonstration test

If you would like to take a test before administering the tests to your students, please refer to this support article about taking a demonstration test.

Prepare to administer a test to your students

Please see this support article on preparing to administer a Track My Progress test.

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