FAQ's for District Admins

How do I add a student?

You can add student accounts by signing in and selecting My District at the top center of the screen. To learn more about adding and modifying user accounts see this article. If you would like to import your student roster please refer to this article.

How do I create an account for a staff member?

Please refer to this article for information on creating a staff account. This article will assist you in importing your staff roster.

How can I let a teacher see data in several classes?

Teachers can be assigned to multiple classes. This will allow them to view the progress data for all students in each class to which they are assigned. Please refer to this article on assigning staff to multiple classes.  To learn more about managing user accounts and classes see this article. To provide a staff member with access to all students and privileges you can change their access from Class access to School access by following the steps in this article.

What are the differences between a Class Administrator account, a Staff Administrator and a District Administrator account?

You can learn about the different privileges associated with Track My Progress administrator accounts by consulting this article. To change a the account type follow the steps in this article.

What is the Student ID field on the import sheet?

The student ID is used as a key identifier in the import process. The student's name, username and password can all be changed during the import and the test data will still be associated with the student ID. Track My Progress does not assign student ID numbers, it is suggested to use the same ID as your school or district uses.

How do I change the user privileges? 

Please refer to this article for assistance in changing the user privileges of your staff members.

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