Getting Started with a District Administrator Account

Getting Started with a School Administrator Account

Welcome to Track My Progress. This article takes you through the steps of getting started with your Track My Progress District Administrator account.

Set your password

If you are implementing Track My Progress for your district, you will receive an email from us with a link to set your secure password. Your school email address will serve as your username. If you have not received your activation email from us, please contact You will receive an email with information about setting the password to your account and signing into your account.

If an administrator in your district is responsible for creating the Track My Progress student and staff accounts, that person will generate your account. If you have not received the email with the link to set your password please contact your district administrator.

Sometimes the welcome email can be caught by a spam filter. Check your spam folder for an email from Track My Progress.

Sign into your account

This support article will show you how to sign in to your account.

Import your student roster

The most efficient way to create Track My Progress student and staff accounts for your school is to use the import tool. Please refer to this support article for directions on how to import your student roster.

Import your staff roster

Please refer to this support article on importing your staff roster to create Track My Progress administrator accounts.

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