Troubleshooting for District Administrators

A staff member is reporting that the test data is not displayed correctly on their screen or they see a blank screen.

Most issues that staff members will have viewing data or managing accounts with the Track My Progress School Administrator account or the Class Administrator account are related to one of a few common issues with web browsers. You can direct staff members to this link to help them identify the cause of their issue.

A staff member is trying to sign in to her account but she has not received an activation email from Track My Progress. How do I help them sign in?

Sometimes emails from Track My Progress can get blocked by spam filters. If your school uses a spam filter have staff check their spam folder for the Track My Progress activation email. Please check the Staff tab under "My District" in your Track My Progress account to make sure the staff member's email is correct. You can resend the activation email by checking the box next to the the staff member's name and clicking "send activation email".

Where can I find the school account number for a staff member?

The school account number is the same for all staff and students at the school. You can find the school account numbers for all schools in your district by clicking "schools" under My District.

We receive a blank screen or an error message when we try to start a test. What should we check?

The main issue is to make sure that the Track My Progress student test application can access your internet connection and the Track My Progress server. There are a few causes of these issues:

  • The computer or tablet does not have an active internet connection.
    • Restore internet connection to the device and make sure it can access web pages.
  • Your school or district firewall is blocking access to the Track My Progress server.
    • Add and to your white list.
  • Old SSL certificate data is preventing a connection to the Track My Progress server.
    • Clear the SSL state on your web browser.

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