Importing Staff Accounts (District)

Make sure your data conforms to the specifications for each Track My Progress field

For example, you cannot have a hyphen in the staff first name filed, and email addresses must be a valid school email.

Create your spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet with a row for each staff member that contins: first name, last name, email, class name (if applicable), type of access and school ID. Please refer to this article about the types of user access. For information on importing staff into multiple classes please refer to this article. You can find the School ID by clicking on Schools from the My District page. Save your spreadsheet as a csv file format.

Click your name, then click My District

Click Staff

Click Import Staff

Click Browse

Select the csv file you created in the first step.

Click Upload

Match the titles with the values

The title describes the Track My Progress field to which the data will be assigned. The value is the data from the columns on your uploaded spreadsheet. If the titles and values do not match, use the drop down menues to select the matching title.

Click Import Staff

If the Titles and Values match you can select Import Staff to bring your data into Track My Progress.

Click Import

After you click Import Staff you will see errors appear in red and warnings will appear in yellow. Errors need to be corrected in your CSV file before the data can be imported. Repeat the above steps after the errors have been corrected. Click import to complete the import.

Send the activation emails

Click the box next to the new staff account. Select Bulk Edit Tools and choose Send Activation Email. This will send an email to each staff member with a link to create their password and activate their account.

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