Importing your Student Roster to Create Track My Progress Student Accounts (District)

Make sure your data conforms to the specifications for each Track My Progress field

For example, you cannot have a hyphen in the first name filed, and usernames must be at least three characters.

Prepare your import sheet

Prepare a spreadsheet with student first name, last name, username, password, grade, class and school ID. Student middle initial and Student ID are optional fields. Save your file in csv format. Please refer to this article for information on importing students to multiple classes.

Click your name, then click My District

Click Import Students

Click Browse

Select your import file and click open.

Click Upload

If your csv file has headers for each column, then you can click the check box next to 'File contains headers'

Match the title to the value

The title is the information that Track My Progress requires to import accounts. The value is the data from the columns on your uploaded spreadsheet. If the titles and values do not match, use the drop down menues to select the appropriate title.

Click Import Students

Click Import

If there is an error in your spreadsheet, it will appear in red and will need to be corrected and uploaded again before the import can be completed. If you are updating student accounts with a new grade level or class assignment, a warning will appear in yellow letting you know how many accounts will be changed.

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