Changing the Cut Scores for Color Indicators (District)

Student scores are categorized by one of four colors; red, yellow, blue and green. These colors are determined by cut scores which can be customized for your district.

The color of each progress bar is based on the percentile of the score. For example, if a student scores is red it means that the score is below the 26th percentile. If a student score is in green it is above the 60th percentile. The percentile ranking of each test score is updated for each test window.

Below are the default cut scores for the color indicators

To change the cut scores for all schools in your district click your name, then click My Settings

Click to edit numbers you would like to change

In order to save your changes there can be no gaps between the high number of one row and the low number of the row above it.

Click Close to save your changes

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