Changing Student Account Usernames Through the Import Process (District)

If you would like to change all of the student usernames please follow the steps detailed below. The student username field is a special field. When you run a new import if the student usernames match all of the other information in the account will be updated. This allows you to import a new student roster before the beginning of a school year and all grade and class assignments will be updated . . . as long as the username in the system matches the username in the import sheet. 

If the usernames do not match, then duplicate accounts will be created. This needs to be avoided as it can take considerable time to manually delete hundreds of duplicate accounts.

The only way to update the username field (i.e. change student usernames) through the import process is if you are using the Student ID field. The Student ID field takes priority over the username field. If you have Student ID's assigned to your student accounts you can update the student usernames by running a new import. Be sure to make sure the Student ID in the system matches the corresponding Student ID in your import sheet. All other fields will be overwritten with the information in the import sheet.

If you currently do not have Student ID's assigned to your students in the system, you can follow the steps below to add them. You can then import with Student ID's and overwrite student usernames with new data.

Click your name then click on My District

Click Export Roster

The roster will open in as a csv file

Add in Student ID numbers

Edit the csv file you just exported. Add in your student ID numbers. Keep the other student information the same on the csv file.

Import your students

Use the edited csv file with the student ID number column and perform a student import.

Create updated import sheet

Create import sheet with new student usernames. The student ID number on the new import sheet needs to match the student ID number associated with that student in your Track My Progress account. 

Import your students

Import your updated student roster

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