Bookmarking Your Sign in Page with Your Account Number

It is possible to customize the URL your students and staff use to sign in to Track My Progress so they do not have to enter the school account number each time they sign in. You can then bookmark this link for staff and students on a school, lab or classroom homepage. Alternatively, you can save a shortcut to the desktop that launches a browser with the school account number preconfigured.

To create a custom URL for your school follow these steps:

Copy and paste the below URL into your web browser and load the page

Select the number 999999 in the URL of your web browser

Replace the account number "999999" with the Track My Progress account number for your school

Your school account number may be five or six digits long.

Load the web page to confirm you now see your school account number automatically entered in the sign in field

Use your browser's bookmark feature to bookmark this page for your staff and students

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