Scale Scores

The Track My Progress scale score shows the level of Common Core State Standards knowledge and skill in reading and mathematics. Track My Progress scores are based on U.S. national averages and they are expressed on a common numeric scale across grade levels and subjects.

The Track My Progress scale uses standardized measurement units to track student progress. Each unit on the scale represents the same amount of progress regardless of where the student is located on the scale. For example, a student whose math score increases from 540 to 560 makes the same amount of progress in reading when the reading score increases from 500 to 520.

Each student’s Track My Progress score is based on individually selected questions that specifically measure the student’s performance. Track My Progress weights the number of correct answers for each student by the difficulty of the questions. This provides a common scale for all students, subjects and grade levels.

The Track My Progress Scale for K-8 ranges from approximately 250 to over 1300. The table below represents the average scale score for Reading and Math for each grade level.

Grade Level End of Year Average Scale Score

K 486
1 585
2 667
3 733
4 792
5 840
6 876
7 899
8 910

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