Why is Track My Progress referred to as a 'transparent assessment?'

We believe that for an educational assessment to truly improve learning it must be transparent. This means that educators can see every test question seen by every student.

In Track My Progress educators can see the answers that students provided and how much time they spend on each test question. Additionally, educators can use the 'improve this question' feature to submit feedback to our test question development team, thereby providing educators with a voice in the development and content of the test.

Using assessment data without this transparency can be limiting. For example, learning that a student received a low score for Foundational Reading would indicate that the student needs additional support in this area. However, if we can also see that the student skipped several of these questions, spent 3 seconds on another question and clearly guessed at the last it helps us understand that the student may need support with engagement and motivation more than the actual skills in the Foundational Reading domain. A test that is not transparent fails to provide the story and context behind the scores to intervene responsibly.

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