Can you explain what the different buttons are for on the test interface?

There are several important buttons that students use to navigate the assessment interface:

Play button: Students select the play button to hear the directions read to them. For grades K-2 students the directions are read to each student by default. Grades 3-6 students need to select the play button to hear the directions for the first time. All students can select the play button multiple times to hear the directions as often as necessary.

  • Answer choice buttons: Students select an answer button to indicate their answer choice. The answer buttons may be different sizes or located differently on the screen. But they have a blue outline when selected.
  • Next button: Students select the green Next button to indicate they have completed the test question and are ready to proceed with the next. If the student has not selected an answer choice button selecting the Next button will prompt them to select an answer choice button.
  • Help button: Clicking the Help button will play a narrated demonstration of how the test question is to be answered. The Help button does not provide any assistance in finding the answer for the specific test question. It will provide general guidance on how to navigate the interface to provide an answer.
  • Scratch pad button: Student can click the pencil icon to activate a scratch pad that they can write on with their mouse.
  • Restart button: The restart button allows students to start the problem over form the beginning. This may be necessary for test questions where the student needs to construct their solution.
  • Full screen button: Students should always be testing in full-screen mode. This means that the entire computer screen is filled by the Track My Progress test interface and white border. No other computer icons or controls should be visible. If a student is in full-screen mode the full-screen button can be clicked to reduce the test interface window and allow access to computer controls such as volume and brightness.
  • Exit button: The exit button can be clicked to leave the test. All progress will be saved through the most recent completed test question. The student will pick up where she left off when she signs in again. On the iPad use the home button on the device to exit the test.

The reading test uses the same interface conventions and buttons as the math test with a few differences:

  • There is no scratch pad for the reading test.
  • The reading test uses a speaker icon to indicate when audio narration is available. Typically audio narration is available for test questions at the PK to grade 1 levels

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