What computer skills are required for students to take a test?

Students need basic computer skills to take a Track My Progress test. While keyboard skills are NOT necessary, students will need to be able to navigate the screen with a mouse, drag and drop virtual objects and select various icons and buttons.

By grade three students will need to understand how to scroll a text passage by clicking it and moving it towards the top of the screen. Alternatively, students can take Track My Progress assessments on the iPad which is a more simple and less demanding interface to master.

The table below shows the different test question types used in Track My Progress, the grade levels for the items and the computer interactions required to provide a solution.

Below are some websites that offer young students the opportunity to become comfortable with the computer interface. These websites are not a part of Track My Progress and you will need to be sure the website is still live and that students do not click on ads or other unrelated content. If you have any websites that you like for helping students develop computer skills please let us know so we can add it to the list.

Mouse Skills

These links provide basic mouse clicking activities that helps students practice pointing and clicking with the mouse:

Drag and Drop

This activity allows students to practice dragging and dropping items to match shapes:

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