Flash Version Check

The Track My Progres student test application requires that the Adobe Flash plugin be installed on each computer so the web browser can properly display the test question graphics and audio. The use of the Flash plugin ensures that all students will have the same test presentation and interaction regardless of the computer or browser that is used. If test questions are not functioning or appearing correctly the first step should be to check that the Flash plugin is up to date. Before students begin testing it is also a good idea to confirm that all computers are running at least version 11.8 of the Flash plugin.

Follow these steps to check the version of the Flash plugin on your computer:

Go to the Track My Progress home page at www.trackmyprogress.com and click Support

Click this link to access the Track My Progress homepage: www.trackmyprogress.com.

Select Flash Version Test from the menu

This wil open a new webpage on the Adobe website.

Click Check Now to see if you are running the latest version of Flash Player

Make sure Your Flash Version is listed as 11.8 or above

If the latest version of Flash Player is not installed on your computer click the download link to update

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