Can you tell me the range of scores for each proficiency category by test window and grade level?

Track My Progress proficiency category ranges change from one test window to the next. These ranges are reflected in the percentile scores as well as the colors in the graphs and tables.

A grade one student might have a score of 472 in the Fall which is blue (on grade level). If she earned a score of 472 in the Winter it would be yellow (borderline) because the peer group of first grade students across the country made progress while this student did not. By comparison to her peer group, this student's score is no longer "on grade level" but now "borderline" even though the Winter score is the same as the Fall score. By the end of the year if this student scored 472, the score would be in red (at-risk) because the peer group has made progress over the year which is reflected in the updated norms each test window. Below is a chart with the scale score and associated color for each test window. This chart is for the default percentile cut scores that define the color bands. If your school or district has changed the percentile cut scores this chart will not apply.

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