How can I use Track My Progress to help form instructional groups?

Track My Progress can serve as one source of data as you form your instructional groups.

Track My Progress offers a picture of your students’ progress in a given Common Core subject or domain at the time of testing. The colored groupings of students provide a beginning point for forming your groups. But you will also want to consider the learning style, motivation, personality and social dynamics of your students in this process.

Students in the same grade learn at different rates. Some students can require as much as two to five times more instruction and practice to master a concept. Many students learn more effectively when the format of instruction is adapted to their learning zone. Instructional grouping is a strategy that teachers use in response to these and other needs of their students.

Informally grouping and regrouping students in a variety of ways throughout the school day can make a teacher's job easier, can be more engaging for students and has demonstrated improved learning outcomes relative to whole-class instruction.

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