What do you recommend if I find that one of my students has skipped many test questions?

When a student skips many test questions or guesses on many questions (i.e. spent very little time on each question) this indicates that the student was not engaged in the test process.

Track My Progress is a computer adaptive test, which means that each time the student skipped a test question or answered incorrectly the next question is easier. If the student skips or guesses incorrectly at multiple test questions the remaining test questions will become very easy relative to the student's grade level. You can also review the actual test questions to confirm that the student is skipping test questions that are at or below her skill level.

What this means is that the student is not engaged in the test process and possibly not engaged in her larger learning process and goals. If this is the case look to interventions designed to address engagement and motivation issues. Help the student develop personal goals related to her learning in school and how assessments help you understand better how to help her reach her goals.

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