How can I save my school account number in the web browser so students do not need to type it when they sign in?

It is possible to customize the URL your students use to sign in to Track My Progress so they do not have to enter the school account number each time they sign in.

You can bookmark this link for students on a school, lab or classroom homepage. Alternatively, you can save a shortcut to the desktop that launches a browser with the school account number pre-configured.

To create a custom bookmark using or shortcut for your students follow these steps in Google Chrome:

Go to and click Sign In.

Click I'm a Student

Click the three dots at the upper right of your Chrome web browser window.

Select Bookmark This Tab....

Choose More....

In the URL field delete the content of the field and replace it with:

After the equal sign add your school account number and click Save.

When complete the URL field should look like the below example except your school account number would replace 102861. 

You can now test your book mark to make sure it is working. You should see the name of your school and the account number in the Sign In box.

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