What is Track My Progress?

Track My Progress is an online assessment that provides instant guidance on your students’ progress in ELA and Math.

Track My Progress provides ELA and Math assessments that can be given four times a year to guide your instruction and decision-making. Track My Progress is designed with an understanding of how important instructional time is for your students. The goal of Track My Progress is to provide useful progress data on your students while preserving your instructional time.

Track My Progress is designed to fill a few very specific needs. The data from the assessment lets you know how each student is doing and how your class or each grade is doing as a whole. However, it is important to keep in mind that no single data source can be the sole indicator of student progress.

Track My Progress provides several data points over the course of the school year. A comprehensive data-informed instructional program considers many sources of data and does not support making significant educational decisions based on an isolated data point. When evaluating student progress there are many sources of data available to us. Quiz scores, homework quality, attendance and class participation are just a few examples of important sources of data.

It is also vital to keep in mind that a standardized test score is not a measure of a student, or even a student’s ability. A standardized test score is simply the quantification of the student’s representation of their learning at a given time in a specific context. The test score indicates how the student did on that test, not how that student is as a student.

In a busy world with large classes, reduced resources, and accountability burdens, Track My Progress can help you identify students who might otherwise fall through the cracks, who are not making expected progress, or who need a little something extra to be sufficiently challenged. Track My Progress data points to areas of relative weakness that can be the starting point for intervention or more in-depth assessment.

Track My Progress:

  • Measures the depth and rigor of the Common Core while challenging students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Uses computer adaptive test technology to test students at their learning zone in less time than with paper and pencil.
  • Provides 25-minute tests for ELA and Math four times per year, allowing educators to track progress over time.

Track My Progress engages students with a variety of innovative test question formats that go beyond multiple-choice to assess the deeper level of understanding that the Common Core requires. Every test question is designed to measure a specific Common Core standard, allowing educators to confidently measure what they are teaching.

As soon as students complete a Track My Progress test, you can view data for each Common Core subject and domain. Track My Progress provides:

  • Progress on a nationally normed scale.
  • Diagnostic reporting of strengths and weaknesses for each student or for the entire class.
  • Four performance categories: at risk, borderline, at grade-level, above grade level.
  • Student growth over time
  • Universal screening
  • Scale scores, percentile scores, grade level equivalent scores and percentages

Track My Progress offers a thorough view of student’s test experience enabling educators to base instruction on specific needs. Track My Progress allows educators to:

  • See a list of student’s test questions as organized by the Common Core State Standard they measure.
  • See whether a student answered each test question correctly or incorrectly.
  • See the time it took for a student to complete each test question.
  • See whether a student skipped a test question.
  • Explore further to see the exact questions.

Track My Progress helps educators:

  • Use diagnostic data to identify each student’s Common Core strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engage and support students at their level of understanding.
  • Create tailored instruction groups for each Common Core subject and domain.
  • Identify students who are at-risk or well below grade level.
  • Follow students who are making less than expected progress.
  • Modify intervention intensity based on interim progress scores.
  • Determine if an intervention is working and what should be done next.

The Track My Progress intuitive K-8 online assessment and its quick 25-minute tests make data-informed instruction easier for educators. There is no paper to print, no test to score, and no data to enter. Straightforward reporting delivers instant insights without requiring hours of data aggregation and analysis. Simply test, track and guide.

The Track My Progress early learner interface uses audio directions, large interactive buttons, and non-distracting graphics to enable group administration. Educators do not need to sit with students individually for each assessment. Track My Progress helps educators gain confidence that they are measuring students accurately, and efficiently preparing them for the Common Core.

Track My Progress saves time and money by using technology to streamline the interim assessment process. The assessment provides:

  • Straightforward implementation and reporting.
  • Less stress on IT personnel.
  • Less staff training time.
  • School-wide, grade level, and class level views of Common Core progress for administrators.
  • An equal interval scale score standardized against a nationally representative sample.
  • Preservation of instructional time.

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