How can I take a demonstration test to become more familiar with Track My Progress?

You can create "demonstration" student accounts in order for your or your staff to take a test to see what students will experience when they use Track My Progress. Follow the below steps to create demonstration accounts.

Click your name and then click School.

Click Classes.

Click on Add Class and enter demonstration class name

Click Add to save. It is helpful to name the class something like "demonstration" or "demo" to easily distinguish it from the other classes in the school.

Click Students.

Click Add Student.

Enter demonstration student account information

It is helpful to use "Demonstration" and "Student" as the first and last name for the new account, to make clear to others accessing school data this is not a real student account. For example, first and last names could be Demo Student1, Demo Student 2, etc. The usernames could demo1, demo2, etc.

Assign demonstration student accounts to the demonstration class and click Add.

Delete demonstration student accounts after your staff has completed their demonstration testing.

After your staff is done using the demonstration accounts, you should delete accounts so this data is not integrated into the overall school data. Click the check box next to the student's name and then click delete students. Or you can select the demonstration class in the Class filter and click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all students. Then click Delete Students.

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