How do I have students take Track My Progress assessments?

Follow these steps to administer Track My Progress assessments:

Make sure each of your students has a Track My Progress student account with a username and password.

Sign in to your Track My Progress account and click your name at the top right of your screen and then click Class or School. A new window will open showing you all of the student accounts for your class or your school. If you do not see your student names listed in your class or school you will need to create them.

Print sign in cards for your students to make it easier to sign in.

If each student has their sign in card it will be much easier to sign in. Please see Printing Student Sign in Cards for instructions. The sign in card will contain the school account number, username and password for each student. You may also find it useful to print your student roster so you have all usernames and passwords nearby.

Direct your students to the Track My Progress home page to sign in.

Direct your students to in their web browser and click Sign In at the top right of the screen. You can book mark the sign in page with the school account number pre-filled for students by following the steps in this article.

Have students select "I'm a Student"

Students  can enter the school account# from their sign-in card or they can start typing the name of their school and then choose from the list that appears.

Guide students in entering the account number, username and password.


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