I am not able to sign in

If you receive an error message that says username or password is incorrect, please check the following:

Account number

Confirm that you are entering the correct account number. The account number is the same for all students, teachers and school administrators at a school. Your account number will be a four to six digit number. For district administrators, the account number will be different from all school account numbers and will start with the letter d followed by a one to three digit number.

If you have forgotten your account number you can recover it by selecting "Need your account#?" from the sign in page. An email containing your account number will be sent to you.

Username or Email

This field requires you to enter your school or district email address. If your email address is not being recognized during the sign in process it could be that a user account has not yet been created for you by your school or district administrator.


Track My Progress passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password or if you are not sure you are using the correct password you can create a new password by clicking "Forgotten your password?" from our sign in page.

Difficulty resetting your password

Try this workaround if you tried reseting your password and still received an error message during the sign in process that your username or password is incorrect. The Track My Progress Reset Password email will have a button that says "Reset Password." Instead of clicking that button, copy the link in the picture below shown below in orange. Open a new web browser window and paste this URL into the address bar. Be sure to copy all of the web address form the email. Hit enter or return on your keyboard and follow the prompts to enter your new password twice.

If none of those strategies enabled you to successfully sign in, please contact us by phone (800-294-0989 x2), by email (support@trackmyprogress.com) or by online chat.

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