Why did my student not get full credit on her cloze (maze) test questions?

The cloze test questions in Track My Progress are timed fluency questions. Students only receive credit for correct answers provided within 180 seconds.

Cloze passages begin with a completed sentence. Subsequently every seventh word is represented by an empty box. Students click on the box and choose one of the three words in the box that correctly fits the sentence. The cloze assessment items are timed measures of reading fluency. There is a timer at the top right of the screen which indicates this is a timed fluency assessment item. Students are given credit for correct answers but not deducted credit for incorrect, empty, or answers provided after 180 seconds.

When reviewing student assessment responses you will find that the cloze test items will have blank boxes for some students. This indicates that the student either elected not to complete those boxes by selecting the skip button or that her answer for those boxes came after the allocated time.

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