How do I import staff accounts into a district account?

District Administrators can import a staff roster for all schools in a district with each staff account being assigned to the indicated school and classes.

Make sure your data conforms to the specifications for each Track My Progress field.

For example, you cannot have a hyphen in the staff first name filed, and email addresses must be a valid school email.

Create your spreadsheet of staff names, emails, class assignments, access level and school ID

Create a spreadsheet with a row for each staff member that contains: first name, last name, email, class name (if applicable), type of access and school ID. Please refer to What are the different types of administrative user accounts? to help define the Access column. For information on importing staff into multiple classes please refer to How do I assign teachers to more than one class during the import process? You can find the School ID by clicking on Schools from the My District page. Save your spreadsheet.

Click your name, then click District


Upon clicking BROWSE you will be prompted to locate your spreadsheet. Click Open.

If your spreadsheet had header rows click the check box at the bottom left of the screen, then click CHECK at the bottom right.

Any errors or duplicates will be highlighted in red. Hover your cursor over the red field to see a description of the nature of the error. Click CANCEL, return to your spreadsheet to correct the error and repeat the process.

If there are no errors click IMPORT

Send the activation emails

Click the box next to each new staff account, or click the box at the left of the header row to select all staff accounts. Click Send Activation Email. This will send an email to each staff member with a link to create their password and activate their account.

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