How do I create a staff account?

If you are interested in creating one or a few staff accounts please follow the steps below.

If you need to create many staff accounts you may prefer to use the import feature described in How do I import my staff roster?

Click your name and then School

Click Staff

Click Add Staff

Enter the user's first name, last name and email address

Choose the type of account.

Class access gives user access to selected classes. School gives user access to all school data. District gives user access to all district data. What are the different types of administrative user accounts? will provide more information on the three types of accounts.

If you would like to assign the staff member to a class, or multiple classes, select the class or classes

Click ADD to save

Choose to send the activation email now or at a later date

The activation email will contain a link for the staff member to set their password and information on how to sign into their account.

To send activation email at a later date

Click the box next to the staff account and then click Send Activation Email

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