How do I update my student accounts and classes for the new school year?

This article describes the steps for updating your Track My Progress school account with new class assignments, grade level assignments and student accounts for the whole school. This typically needs to be done before each new school year.

The easiest way to update your Track My Progress account with the new roster for your school is by using the import tool. First you export a spreadsheet file from your school information system with the most current school roster. You can then import that spreadsheet in to your Track My Progress account as long as it follows the Track My Progress format. The most important step in this process is making sure the usernames for students already in your Track My Progress account match the usernames in the new CSV you will be importing. If this is done properly the grade assignment and the class assignment for all existing students will be updated while preserving all of their test records. If the usernames do not match new student accounts will be created for those unique usernames.

Use the following steps to prepare your Track My Progress school account for the next school year. 

Import your new student roster.

See importing student accounts.

Import your new staff roster.

See importing staff accounts.

Archive any students that are no longer in the school.

See archiving student accounts.

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