Do the assessments get harder from one test window to the next?

Track My Progress assessments are adaptive. This means that the difficulty level of the assessment is determined by what the student is ready for. You can learn more about this approach here.

For example, most students will make expected progress from the fall assessment to the winter assessment. For these students, because of their increased learning over the past few months, they will be able to handle and will see more challenging test questions on their winter assessment than what they experienced in the fall. However, for a struggling student who did not make much progress over the past few months the winter assessment questions could be the same difficulty as the fall.

What does change from test window to test window are the norms. These are the percentile scores on the School Administrator interface as well as the colors in the graphs. For example, a grade one student might have a score of 472 in the fall which would be blue (on grade level). If that student earned a score of 472 in the winter it would be yellow (borderline) because the peer group of first grade students across the country made progress while this student did not. By the end of the year if this student scored 472 it would be in red (at-risk) because the peer group has made progress over the year which is reflected in the updated norms each test window.

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