How do I delete a student test?

School and District Administrators can delete a test for a student so that student can test again. You may want to do this if there was a technical problem with the test or if the student did not feel well.

Follow these steps to delete a specific test for a student in the current test window. The new test results will be marked with "*Retest" for that student. You should not delete a test only because a student did not do as well as expected or did better than expected. This is not a valid use of the delete test feature. It is only possible to delete a test from the current test window. You can delete a test that a student has not completed so they can start over.

Sign in and click Administration.

Find the student's name.

You can use the grade and class drop down menu to filter student names or you can type in the student's name in the search students box. 

Click the button with three dots at the far right of the student's name. Click the option for the test you would like to delete.

Click Delete when you see the confirmation dialog.

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