What are the months for each test window?

Students can only take one reading test and one math test in each test window. There are four test windows each year.

We recommend students test in the same month of each test window. For example, if you test in August for the Fall test window, then it would be best to test in November, February and May as those are the first months in each test window. This will ensure that you have equal time intervals between each set of math and reading tests.

Suggestions for managing test windows:

  • Plan in advance so you can test all students before the test window ends. If you can not have all students test before the end of the test window it may be better to wait until the beginning of the next test window. Students who are tested across two test windows will have their data appear in different report and graph categories making it difficult to evaluate group progress.
  • Try to have all students test within the same two week period during the test window. If one student tests at the beginning of a test window and another student tests at the end of the test window, the latter student is likely to have better test results as a results of the additional learning that took place over the course of the test window.
  • The summer test window can either be used to evaluate the progress of summer school students, or with careful planning can be used as a fourth test window during the school year. To test four times a year a school could test in August, November, February and May (the first month of each test window). If a school starts the year in September the test months could be September, December, March and June (the second month of each test window).

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