Does Track My Progress test every standard in each assessment?

Track My Progress provides scores at the 'subject' and the 'domain' levels and does not test every standard.

Track My Progress is focused on providing an efficient assessment that does not monopolize instructional time and does not overwhelm or discourage students. To that end Track My Progress does not assess students in every Common Core standard in every test session. The Math test delivers 30 test questions, the reading test 25. In order to provide an accurate reading on each standard for each student it would be necessary to test each standard 3-5 times which would make for a lengthy and possibly discouraging test experience for students.

The Track My Progress focus on subjects and domains provides a high-level view of student progress without compromising instructional time or student  morale. The subject and domain scores offer sufficient detail for pinpointing strengths and weaknesses and gauging progress over time. The drill-down view of the specific test question performance allows for test question analysis that can complete the picture for the given needs of a particular student.

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