Do you have a parent letter we can use to explain what Track My Progress is?

Sample Parent Letter

The below text can be used to create a letter for parents about Track My Progress:

Dear Parents,

This year our school is using the student assessment program called Track My Progress. Math and English Language Arts are the focus of this assessment. We will coordinate the data generated by Track My Progress with other sources of student learning data to achieve a more complete picture of individual needs and progress. Track My Progress assessment data will also help us evaluate and optimize our curriculum and instruction.  

Students begin by signing in to Track My Progress to take their Math assessment. On another day students will sign in to take their English Language Arts assessment. There are 30 questions in the Math assessment and 30 questions in the English Language Arts assessment. Students will typically need a single class period to complete one assessment. Students will take Track My Progress assessments four times during the school year -- about every three months. 

Track My Progress assessments are adaptive. When students answer correctly they are more likely to receive a harder question and when they answer incorrectly they are more likely to receive an easier question. This method enables the assessment to give more meaningful and appropriate questions to each student and make the best use of student time.

Track My Progress is developed by True Progress, a Hanover, New Hampshire educational technology company. True Progress is an educator owned company and a member of the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance. You can learn more about the Track My Progress assessments at and you can learn more about the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance at  


School Principal

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