Troubleshooting Student Testing

My student signed in to take a test on the iPad and got an error message that "Adobe Flash is Required for this web site."

To administer tests on the iPad it is necessary to use the Track My Progress iPad app. Consult this article for information on downloading and installing the app. Do not use the Safari browser for student testing.

The test question text is running off the side of the screen. The Next button is running off the bottom of the screen.

This is related to the zoom setting of the web browser. If the browser has been zoomed in parts of the test question may be off the screen. To remedy this situation reset the zoom of the browser. You may need to quit the browser and sign in again after resetting the zoom. See the support documentation for your web browser for more information on how to reset the zoom.

The Track My Progress test window does not fill the entire computer screen. My student is accidentally clicking the desktop or task bar.

This happens when the test is not running in full screen mode. After signing in the test will automatically launch full screen mode. But if this does not happen or if a student exits full screen mode click the full screen button to activate full screen mode. You can find more information about activating full screen mode here.

When my student signs in she gets a message that we need to update the Flash plugin.

Track My Progress requires that you have an up to date Adobe Flash plugin installed on each computer that students will be using for testing. You can click the link or Flash icon in the update message on the screen to update Flash. However, you must have administrator privileges to update Flash. To check the Flash plugin version on a computer click this link.

I have signed in to my Class Administrator account but I do not see where I start the test for my student.

Students take Track My Progress tests by signing in with their own username and password. They use the same sign in link that you do but enter their own credentials. You can find information on the sign in process here and information on printing student sign in cards here.

My student signed in to take a test but the screen said the next test would not be available until the next test window.

This message can mean one of a two things:

  1. Your student has take both the reading and math test for this test window and therefore does not currently have any more tests available. A student can only take one math and one reading test during each test window.
  2. The test you are expecting the student to take is turned off in the Class Administrator account. See this article for more information on turning on and turning off tests.

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