Troubleshooting Technology

A staff member is reporting that the test data is not displayed correctly on their screen or they see a blank screen.

Most issues that staff members will have viewing data or managing accounts with the Track My Progress School Administrator account or the Class Administrator account are related to one of a few common issues with web browsers. You can direct staff members to this link to help them identify the cause of their issue.

A staff member has forgotten his password. How do I retrieve it for them?

All Track My Progress staff passwords are encrypted to protect the security of your students' data. While you do not have access to any staff passwords, we can email staff members a link that will allow them to reset their password. Have staff follow these steps to reset their password.

A staff member is trying to sign in to her account but she has not received an activation email from Track My Progress. How do I help them sign in?

Sometimes emails from Track My Progress can get blocked by spam filters. If your school uses a spam filter have staff check their spam folder for the Track My Progress activation email. You can also contact us so that we can confirm that we have the correct email address for the staff member.

Where can I find the school account number for a staff member?

Your school account number is the same for all staff and students at your school. Please contact us so we can provide you with your school account number, or you can find it in your Track My Progress activation email.

A student signed in to take a test but the screen said the next test would not be available until the next test window.

This message can mean one of a two things:

  1. The student has take both the reading and math test for this test window and therefore does not currently have any more tests available. A student can only take one math and one reading test during each test window.
  2. The test the student is expecting to take is turned off in the Class Administrator account. See this article for more information on turning on and turning off tests.

The test question text is running off the side of the screen. The Next button is running off the bottom of the screen.

This is related to the zoom setting of the web browser. If the browser has been zoomed in parts of the test question may be off the screen. To remedy this situation reset the zoom of the browser. You may need to quit the browser and sign in again after resetting the zoom. See the support documentation for your web browser for more information on how to reset the zoom.

The Track My Progress test window does not fill the entire computer screen. Students are accidentally clicking the desktop or task bar.

This happens when the test is not running in full screen mode. After signing in the test will automatically launch full screen mode. But if this does not happen or if a student exits full screen mode click the full screen button to activate full screen mode. You can find more information about activating full screen mode here.

Where do students go to sign in for a test?

Students take Track My Progress tests by signing in with their own username and password. They use the same sign in link that school staff members do but they enter their own credentials. You can find information on the sign in process here.

We receive a blank screen or an error message when we try to start a test. What should we check?

The main issue is to make sure that the Track My Progress student test application can access your internet connection and the Track My Progress server. There are a few causes of these issues:

  • The computer or tablet does not have an active internet connection.
    • Restore internet connection to the device and make sure it can access web pages.
  • Your school or district firewall is blocking access to the Track My Progress server.
    • Add and to your white list.
  • Old SSL certificate data is preventing a connection to the Track My Progress server.
    • Clear the SSL state on your web browser.

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