User Access by Account Type

There are three types of Track My Progress accounts for educators; Class Administrator accounts, School Administrator accounts, and District Administrator accounts. The Class Administrator account works well for classroom teachers and the School Administrator accounts is designed for principals, assistant principals, and technology administrators. District Administrator accounts are for educators at the district office. Class Administrator accounts can only see data for a class of students that have been assigned to that teacher while the School Administrator account can see data and manage accounts for all students in the school. District Administrator accounts can access and manage data for all schools in the district. The table below summarizes the privileges for the three accounts.

Privilege Class Administrator
School Administrator
District Administrator
View scale score graphs
View Groups graph
View Diagnostic graph
View progress over time
View list of test questions
View test question
View student answer
Create student accounts
Edit student accounts
Print sign in cards
Print roster
Deactivate test
View scale score reports

View Groups report
View Diagnostic report
View Percentiles
Compare classes
Compare grades
Create classes
Assign teachers to classes
Assign students to classes
Delete student accounts
Define color groups
Export student data
Export student roster

Export staff roster

Import student roster

Import staff roster

Delete student test

Compare Schools

Assign students to schools

Assign staff to schools

Import data district wide

Export data district wide

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