Administering Assessments on iPads

Administering Track My Progress assessments with iPads is simple. Just keep in mind that the Track My Progress iPad application is only for student testing and not for school staff members to view data. If you would like to view your Track My Progress data on your iPad use the Safari browser to sign in to your account.

Follow these steps to administer Track My Progress assessments on the iPad:

Create a student account for every student taking a Track My Progress test

See this article for more information on creating student accounts. Your Technology Administrator may have already imported your student roster into your class, which means you can skip this step if you see your students listed in your account when you sign in.

Give each student your school account number, their username and password

Your school account number is the same number you use to sign in to your account Track My Progress class administrator account. See this article for directions on how to print sign in cards for your students. Some teachers find it helpful print the Track My Progress student roster with their students' usernames and passwords so they can assist their students with the sign-in process. See this article to print your student roster.

Download and install the Track My Progress iPad application

You can open the App Store application on your iPad and search by 'track my progress' or you can click this link.

Launch the Track My Progress application on your iPad

Direct your student to enter the school account number and her username and password

Click 'Sign In'

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