How do I view data in a table view with all scores for the school year?

This report will display your students' scores from all test seasons in a school year. The report is best for tracking student progress over time and looking at student progress scores.

Click Reports


Choose Diagnostic or Groups


The report format can be used to view Diagnostic data or Groups data. The Diagnostic data provides a profile of CCSS scores for Math and Reading for the class average or for an individual student. The Groups data provides data on one Common Core subject or domain for each student in your class. The above screen shows Diagnostic data for one student.

Choose Percentile or Scale Score


Click on Scale Score to view Progress Scores


The far right column of the report displays the total progress the student has made in each Common Core subject and domain over the course of the school year. The progress score is determined by subtracting the most recent score from the Fall score. If the student did not take a Track My Progress assessment in the fall this column will be blank.