Track My Progress Knowledge Base


Content & Design

Information on test design, question types and standards

13 articles


Details on bandwidth, headphones, and features

5 articles


Find answers to questions about the assessment process.

14 articles

Data & Instruction

Expected Progress & Goal Setting

Learn about expected progress and how to set Track My Progress goals.

3 articles

Performance Categories & Instructional Groups

Create instructional groups by defining performance categories.

6 articles

Understanding Track My Progress Scores

Scale scores, percentile scores, and grade level equivalent scores

11 articles

Viewing Data, Reports & Questions

How to find the data you need in the format that works best.

8 articles

Getting Started

Account Setup

Information on setting up your Track My Progress district or school account

5 articles


Getting started with Track My Progress

4 articles

Preparing to Test

How to get your class ready to take a Track My Progress test

5 articles


Communicating with Support

Get in touch with the Track My Progress support team.

3 articles

Signing In

Troubleshooting the sign in process

2 articles

Test Display, Sound & Scoring

Get help with specific scoring or technology issues.

2 articles

User Accounts & Classes

Class & Grade Assignments

Learn how to create classes and assign students to grade levels and classes.

10 articles

Printing & Exporting Data

Steps for printing graphs and reports and exporting raw data.

5 articles

Settings & User Privileges

Edit system settings and define user privileges

4 articles

Staff Accounts

Details on creating and working with staff accounts

4 articles

Student Accounts

Details on creating and working with student accounts

15 articles